Impressions after the First Night Under the Stars


Last night was my first clear night after purchasing SGPro. I also purchased the Mosaic Wizard though I didn’t use it last night. I’d like to share some impressions.

This is a great piece of software. It was truly exciting to see the telescope slew from target to target, plate solve and center. Everything behaved perfectly. I was amazed with the plate solving speeds I experienced. I’m so glad that you have decided to do one thing (sequencing) well rather than try to do everything poorly.

You still have some bugs here and there in your code. I was able the “crash” SGPro several times doing things that only a novice user would do. For example, when I was in the “Frame/Focus” module I tried to draw a box around a star by holding down the right button and dragging. Then I realized I needed to check the subview box. Shortly after that, SGPro crashed. You might want to spend some time watching rookies torture your code.

I had a few problems with PHD2 not finding an appropriate guide star after moving to a new target. The seeing and transparency were terrible, so I assume it will all work better on a clear night. I was very pleased with the was PHD2 and SGPro played together nicely.

I think the Mosaic Wizard is brilliantly simple to use. I look forward to testing it out. I wish the RA and DEC entry boxes parsing routines were the same as the ones used in SGPro.

Keep up the great work.



This will always be true.

Maybe… unfortunately, these things are often not repeatable. For instance, I just spent five minutes torturing this code and was not able to produce any bad behavior.

Sage advice. That would be wonderful. Unfortunately setting up a local astro-seminar is not really an option. This software is so niche that our relatively small set of users is spread all over the world. So… this forum is how we watch users torture our code. Exactly from reports like this coupled with logs.

What are the other crashes you experienced?

Thanks for the report. If you have any other details, any more specific steps, they would be helpful.



Thanks for your response. SGPro is really great. I am very excited to tried it out taking real images when we have clear skies.