Inconsistency in binning-dependency of settings


Just something I noticed when reading the change log for the new beta. The change log says the following about the new “minimum star size” numeric entry box:

This new numeric entry box might be more permanent-“ish” (it is ugly as all get-out, but serves a purpose right now; aesthetics later)… depending on how the rest of the AF beta goes. This field is also smarter about binning… allowing you to set it for 1x1 frames and then scaling itself as you adjust to different binning modes for AF frames. This will hopefully prep the field for entry into equipment profiles as well (not currently implemented).

So, it seems like this setting takes binning into account. However, the pixel error threshold in scope centering settings does not take it into account, and I have to do it manually: Pixel error threshold when centering

So now there are two different practices on whether equipment profile settings are binning-dependent or not. Maybe the pixel error threshold settings should be changed for consistency?


Any comments or opinions on this?


Probably makes sense to move the Centering error to 1x1 pixels. This also means that the actual error would be checked against the 1x1 binning and the overall error would be consistent no matter the binning level. Where now if you use “50 pixels” as your error amount, this can translate to different arcsecond values of error depending on the binning used.