Incorrect System name associated with license


I just turned on my trusted laptop and opened up SGPro as normal and for some reason it had reverted to a trial license. When I re-registered it said I had no licenses left. Went to the license manager and saw 3 registered instances 2 on my laptop in the obsy and one associated with this laptop correctly identified. When I deleted the license for this laptop and re-registered it worked but has given the system a weird name, nothing to do with the system name of this laptop.

Also can I have any number of instances running on a single PC or does every instance require a license so I would in fact use up all 3 licenses if I had 3 cameras each connected to an instance of SGpro on the same machine?



Multiple instances of SGP on the same pc do not require multiple licenses. They share the 1 assigned to that pc. I have SGP installed on 3 machines and commonly run up to 4 on the same pc. Sometimes I do 4 because I want to grade lots of sets of images at the same time. I usually run 2 every night when I image.