Incorrect telescope status from API when using ASCOM/EQMOD simulator


I might be wrong here but when using the ASCOM EQMOD simlulator (v1.28m) and SGPro the SGPro API shows the status for the telescope as PARKED even when the telescope/mount simulator is unparked and moved co-ordinates. This situation is also true for earlier versions of ASCOM and SGPro.


You might want to turn on the ASCOM logging in the EQMOD driver and see what it’s sending. It’s possible that Tracking and Parked are both set to true, although they generally shouldn’t be.

I’m guessing this isn’t an issue with the actual hardware connected? Maybe just a quirk of the simulator.



You were spot on with the tracking observation. I wrongly assumed it was on by default…my bad ! Issue = No Issue :smile:

I can now test my webpage status.