Great find. I’ve been working for the past few days in INDI. I tried a windows (wrapper) of INDI that worked… kinda but kinda buggy. So I’ve installed Linux. With mix emotions. First I hate windows. So I love Linux for that. Next I love the look and “DARK” windows option of Linux. I’ve really not missed windows to much.

I also bought a PI 3+ and installed a little OS setup called ASTROBERRY. (very cool) it’s free.
Currently I have the PI (38.00) computer replacing my 600 nuc in the dome and I have all my devices plugged into the PI.

I can then run Kstars/Ekos on linux or windows and connect remotely to the PI and it connects all my gear. It’s amazing. Everything (mostly) works out of the box. (Cloudwatcher is a problem) but I’m sure it will be solved in time. My only complaint is no POTH so no quick n dirty dome control. I have to control it through Ekos. I love the fact that Kstars/Ekos is a all in one solution. I love SGP but honeslty when something goes wrong (50.50) it’s a major pain to reboot or restart as I’m running 5-6-7 apps and windows are everywhere. (let me try and a count, poth, apcc, Snapcap control, SGP, PHD2, plate solver… that’s 6 and I’m sure there are more. I also run IP camera to watch the scope and dome and usually a TV app to watch Tv.

Kstars tends to integrate ALL THAT minus the tv. It’s sweet to click “START” and everything is ready to go.

So I’m not real sure of your question. I WOULD AND DO USE INDI - though not offically imaged with it yet. What are you proposing? Having windows SGP use INDI drivers? (there are none for windows) but you could use them like kstars does remotely. The plus to that is I could jump from Kstars to SGP and visa versa. REALLY what I’m hoping for is someone to do a proper INDI server for windows.

I just hear “it’s not available yet” as in it’s being worked on? That way I could more easily access other aps (pshop, Pixinsight etc) during imaging.

you mention 2 cases. 1. connect to remote… yes the plus there is you can run a 38.00 PI computer that is SMALL and cheap enough to replace in a moments notice. 2. Local indi server would be on Linux. So you’d need a Linux SGP? Else I was searching for windows INDI server when I googled your thread. Not sure about how cool it is - but it’s CLEAN. And very cheap. In the last month I hve aquired 3 PI computers. Wait - I have a cloudwatcher, a ASIair and a PI3+ (3 computers). They are amazing.

I have tried both 1 and 2. I prefer 1. Reason is I can run all the heavy load software on my home desktop computer. (dual monitors) it uses it’s ram and processor. (FAST) and the PI simply is the IO for the devices. With scenerio 2 - I tried running the software on the PI locally and it did work, but crashed a lot because I’m sure I was low on ram (1 gig max at this time = ( I also ran on the nuc with linux and it worked better but I had some issued with connecting some devices with linux on the nuc. (the pi was easier for a noobie).

Both ways are VERY STABLE. I prefer remote because my desktop is taking the load yet I don’t need to leave a 3000 computer outside in the dome. I have a 38.00 pi in the dome. I’m surprised of all the supported hardware. I was able to connect my SNAPCAP (easily) a driver for the cloudwatcher is installed but some issues connecting. Using a AP mach1 and 2 cameras (lodestar and 1600mm) Kstars can use PHD or recommends its included internal guiding and focusing. My FT Foxlynx focusers are connected and working, nexdome connected (worked great at first, but I have a unrelated dome problem). I love how the planetarium program is totally integrated into the hardware control. I will be able to rotate my on screen sensor view in real time with my rotator device. The capability of this FREE SOFTWARE is really unmatched. I’ve been at this for about a week at most. Installed Linux on 3 machines (dual boot) and been using it 99% of the time. I really see INDI to be the wave of the furture. It’s impressive. So much so that I was just going to do a test exposure in the dome with the lens cap on. I fired off a test exposure of the 1600… and before it started - it automatically OPENED THE SNAPCAP! I would have been amazed - except my cap can’t be opened with a closed dome! OUCH - jam… I need to be aware that everything is talking to everything else. To take a pic - we need to open the cap. Click on the target on the map and it will slew and sync. Load a fit file you shot last year and it will load it and slew to match it. If we get a indi server for windows “it’s all over”.



I share your impression. I moved to KStar / EKOS, because as a developer it’s easier on a open platform.
You find a windows server for indi on
Which brings windows Ascom devices on windows.