Interaction between SGP, PHD2 and meridian flips


I am certain that SGP and PHD2 work together normally and continue through meridian flips without problems. However, mine doesn’t get anything like that so far. I am not sure whether it is a PHD2 problem (and therefore this is the wrong forum) or SGP. Can anyone simply confirm that this is what should happen:

The control panel selection has got the info for the camera, PHD2 and the solve section correctly completed.
Prior to starting a sequence, I do a PHD2 cal around zero dec. Then start the multi-target sequence. It drives to the first target, samples an image and solves it until it is on target.
It starts PHD2 looking for a suitable star, guides via it and then exposes the target.
After completion, the scope drives to target 2 via a meridian flip.
SGP/PHD2 know the flip has happened and adjust all values accordingly. PHD2 selects a guide star and target 2 is exposed.
We all live happy ever after.

Should the above ‘sequence’ be what to expect normally?



Yup. That’s what happens. What is going on?