Intermittent failures with EAF?

Last night I was testing beta 3.1.330 and I noticed some failures with my EAF. To troubleshoot I have configured an artificial star and am running autofocus every 2 mins through a test sequence. I upgraded to the latest beta to run this test (3.1.362)

An error I seem to be getting frequentuly is:
“Auto focus failed! Error in auto focus! Focuser failed to move to the requested position (17218). Focuser reports it is at 17118.”

I disabled backlash compensation in case that was the root cause, it is not.
I will also attach the log files.

Link to log files:!AtooZYq7lKxzgUpjkxJO-MsZJdNi?e=5NLiFD

That was a while ago and sounds familiar. If it happens in 362 or later, please re-post.

So far so good. I think it might have been caused by user error resulting from me misreading the instructions.

I applied backlash compensation within the ascom driver and also within sgpro. I think this was causing intermittent inability to reach focus positions…