iOptron legacy driver?

Hi -

I’d like to try running a meridian flip with my iOptron iEQ45 (the original, not the pro). The ASCOM driver is labeled “iOptron ASCOM Driver for 2013 and Earlier Models.” Before I put too much time into this, is there any reason to believe that this driver will or won’t work with current versions of SGP?

Thanks and regards,
Bill Arden

I can say that the driver for the mount is 100% compatible with SGPro, but cannot guarantee it will work as that speaks to the quality of the driver.

Thanks, Ken! I’ll check it out.

Bill Arden

I know this is a bit late, but I had serious issues with the later driver on my iEQ45 non-pro. Like many users I reverted to the 2.4 version of the driver and now connect to the mount via the POTH hub built into ASCOM, you can connect multiple sources to POTH and I have used this setup without issue.

Thanks, Jim - I’ll check that out.

Bill Arden