IP control Vixen Starbook Ten Dilemma


Hello everyone,

I am having difficulties connecting my Vixen SXP Starbook Ten to my imaging/plate solving software.

I have loaded the latest Ascom platform as well as the Starbook Ten Ascom driver on my Windows 10 laptop.

Every planetarium software I tried is working properly, The SkyX and Starry Night, both connect and control the mount.

But when it comes to connecting to my imaging software, Sequence Generator Pro or MaximDL, the software fails to connect.

I do make sure that the planetarium software is not managing the mount so there is not conflicts.

I do enter the proper IP address, the same as the one I use for The SkyX…

Any thought on this would be appreciated…

The main goal is to be able to plate solve…




It sounds like an ASCOM issue. You can post your logs and turn on detailed logging on the ASCOM driver to see what is going on differently between planetarium software/SGP.

Do they have a Yahoo! Group or similar tech support system for their driver?