Is it true? PWI interface for CGX mounts?


I was having a chat with some folks on another message board and it was mentioned that the new version 3.x indicates a control function for PWI software.

If so that would allow control of the mount through CGX type mounts built in USB interface instead of going through the hand controller.

Is this true? Is it 'fully implemented"?

If so I might jump on the Beta bandwagon and give it a try.


Yes there’s a PWI interface for CGX mounts. AIUI it will ultimately be a replacement for NexRemote. PWI has an ASCOM interface built in but it’s a pretty thin interface, not much more than read position and a slew command. Not sure off hand about sync. I’ve looked at it but can’t test because it’s CGX only.


As of right now control of the CGX is via ascom drivers through the handset. The handset has the USB to serial prolific chip built into it.

Don’t know how guiding, centering and synching will be handled. I have never bothered with the PWI interface but I don’t think it does guiding.