Is there a way to delay when capture aborted

I have been imaging tonight with my GP-DX, Canon 60Da and Televue NP-101. I have SGP set to restart capture if the guide software PHD2 reports an error greater than 0.3 pixels. Every once in a while the GP-DX suffers a glitch enough to trigger that abort. SGP apparently immediately tries to restart the capture. Most of the time this works out fine, but occasionally it aborts/restarts several times almost continuously. After 5 aborts (and this number is consistent) the camera seems to lock up and the only way I can recover is to power cycle the camera. I’m thinking if there were a way to introduce a slight delay between each retry/abort the lock up could be avoided.



Seems like this might be treating the symptom rather than the problem. You may want to increase the allowable error in PHD2 or determine why the glitch is happening.


I think the lockup is the problem, not the symptom. I have to power cycle the camera to recover. I certainly do not want more error in my images so increasing the allowable error wouldn’t help at all – that simply makes the retry feature
useless. I’m fairly sure there is no way I can look into the camera firmware to diagnose the glitch so all I am left with is trying to prevent the lockup by occurring by delaying the repetition of the retries just a bit.

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