Is there a way to skip plat solving and focusing and just take pics


I had my first successful night with SGP last night, but this morning I need to shoot darks, flats and biases. I thought about creating a new profile without a focuser, plate solver, and telescope, but before I do that I’m wondering if there is a better way to do this common task. I will shoot darks this morning and biases. Since I prefer sky flats, that may be a few days until I get a good sky to shoot. So I will be distributing this work over many days.


I created a profile for darks/bias and then just use that every time I need
to take new darks. Just use File/New Sequence with Profile and you’re good
to go.


I prefer to use a separate target for darks/flats/bias (actually just flats as I use libraries for the others.)

Then when you just want to take the calibration frames just disable the other targets in the sequence and that should stop those annoying messages from popping up. What is happening is SGP sees that you have light frames active and will attempt to validate the options for the sequence. If no light frames are active SGP will skip this validation and just take the calibration frames.