Issues with ASI1600MMC and SGP



I’ve been trying to upgrade past version to the .16 or .17 version with my ASI 1600MMC camera. But every time I do, I run into issues with the download of images. SGP will hang up on the download after 2-3 images. This has happened to to me on two completely different computer/mounts/cables with only the camera being the common element. The camera is plugged into a USB2 port on both computers. I’ve tried both recent versions of the driver, even dropped the USB traffic down to 45.

I’ll enclose the last two log sessions, first time is at 10:47, and on the 2nd log, 11:23. Both times the status display said downloading… and I believe I actually got the image saved. After the hang, I’d try to close down the program, park the scope, and restarted the computer.

The .15 version seems to work fine as I did in excess of 300 darks/flats last night with out incident.

Any thoughts or suggestions would be great.

SGP Logs


Think I’ve tracked down the problem, even though I had turned off the image history, and dropped the modules, I some how managed to turn the history back on, after turning it off via the menu, a couple of day test runs I was able to take a sequence of light frames. Otherwise it would consistently start hanging up around the 3rd exposure. Darks, flats, bias never had that problem as they don’t seem to record histories.
Just posting this as a FWIW post.


Hm, that’s interesting, especially with as it specifically fixes an issue due to image history which as present in .15 and .16.

Are you using USB2 or USB3 to connect to the camera? What is your USB Limit set to in the ASI ASCOM driver? Which version of the ASI ASCOM Driver are you using?



Originally on the Win 7 machine, I was using a USB2, and originally at 85 or 90 USB traffic (whatever the default was) with the .25 driver. Dropped the traffic down to 45, although not sure the .25 ascom driver was saving the settings. Anyways, moved it over to the Win 8.1, and upgraded SGP to the .17 version and the ascom driver to the .29 version, also on a USB2 port. Tried imaging last night again, first two images were fine, then by the 3rd, the star analyse would consume 50+ percent of the CPU, and the interface of course would be come unresponsive. I think after an extended time it would finish, but the next would be same or possibly worse. Usually ended up killing it program.

Further investigation today, I found in the menu that image history was enabled. I’d originally disabled it in the view module and hid the modules. I was able to take a series of “dummy” images without issues. I upgraded back to .17 and was still able to take 9+ images normally.

Haven’t tried it with the image history enabled yet, but it was pretty consistent hanging on the 3rd exposure. I can give it another try this evening.



Thanks Lynn. .17 should be find with image history enabled. I haven’t tested things in a while but I’ll grab their latest ASCOM driver and see if I can duplicate it over the next couple of evenings. Plan on testing out the ASI with my CPC1100 anyways :slight_smile: