Issues with image sdownload Zwo 1600mm Pro


Hi, My first post here, I’m having issues with the downloaded images from my new Zwo ASI1600mm Pro camera. It seems to work ok for really short subs (5 second 2x2 binned images for the autofocus). When taking longer subs of DSO’s, I am getting 50% of subs with this kind of deformations. Has anyone seen this or know what may be the cause? Thanks in advance,


I’ve got the older model & if I set the USB rate too high I’ll get issues downloading images…


I already have the USB turned down to 40. I just need to determine if it’s the camera, laptop, or something else. I guess I can try the zwo camera direct driver to rule out ASCOM. Maybe try some long exposures in sharpcap. Any other thoughts to isolate the issue?


I use the zwo driver not the Ascom driver for the camera, and as long as I don’t go over 80 USB speed its usually ok.

One thing to try is ASICap (zwo’s capture app, available from their website) and or Sharpcap, using either will rule out SGPro etc. and Sharpcap will allow you to try out both zwo & Ascom drivers directly


Problem solved. It turned out to be the notebook PC I was using. Either the CPU or the USB2 ports were not up to the task. I did have a 256G SSD drive installed but I guess the write speed to the SSD was not the issue. I replaced it with an i5 laptop with 8G ram and 256 SSD. it has 3 x USB3.0 ports and with bench testing it works a treat with the camera. Of course with a new piece of kit, I now have to endure at least 2 or 3 weeks of foul weather before it can be tested under real conditions.