JMI Focuser and Autofocus


Is anyone successfully using SGP with the JMI SmartFocus and encoder?



I have tried a few times but I think it’s not fully supported as it’s a relative focuser and not the required absolute focuser. I hope I’m wrong!



I don’t really know anything about this focuser so I can’t speak directly to it. That said…

SGPro will work with any focuser if…

  • The focuser reports itself as absolute (even if it is a relative focuser in disguise)
  • The focuser is accurate enough to return to the exact same spot as reported during a focus run


That’s been my challenge. It often is told to move 10 steps and only moves 9 or 11. It kinda kills it for me!



Thanks all for the input. Rather than throw money at an questionable solution, I have decided to go with a known quantity with a Moonlite. Its a shame, I did like my JMI, but I cant see investing more in a solution that isn’t supportable in the long run.


Hi Mike,

did you use the focuser together with encoders and the “Smart Focus” set (as Jeff has planned)?
According to the description on the page of my dealer, I think this combination should work.
Or are you using the “Jimi PC Focus Control” box?

I am also thinking of the Jimi Focuser, but I am hesitating.
It’s ok for me to spend some money for a real good focuser: here in germany for the motorized 3’’ Jim Event Horizon: 887 Euro and for the encoder assembly 168 Euro.
But another 483 Euro (additional 45% (!)) for “Smart Focus” just to control the device by PC? That is beyond me.

Best regards,


I’ve had mixed success and talked to JMI about it and they fixed a few issues at a nominal cost to me, some were related to SGP some were not, I can’t remember all now. I haven’t really had good success at auto-focus before or since the fixes.

It’s a great focuser but I wouldn’t buy it “JUST FOR SGP’s AUTOFOCUS” if you know what I mean. It’s reliable, accurate and wonderful to use, just not fully reliable with SGP’s algorithms.


FYI in the latest version,, I found much better success with the focuser with some quick indoor testing on the simulated camera. I think it will fail and mark the failed position with a red X and proceed! I hope to do further testing with my JMI this week with some finally clear skies!


Any one have success with this? I see the failure to hit the exact step number causing SGPro to give up.

Not sure if I need to give up on autofocusing with the JMI Smartfocuser 232.

When I called JMI they said the people they have shipped boxes to make sure it works are CCDSoft and Maxim. Not sure if the folks of SGPro have attempted to make it work.



Did anyone ever get the JMI PC FOCUS to work with SGP? I have the control box with no encoder. I assume it is not accurate enough to get Autofocus to work?