Laptop screen real estate

First of all let me say that I love SGP. After taking a year off, I hauled the scope out to the driveway, aligned it, fired up SGP and PHD and imaged comet C/2017 T2 Panstarrs. You guys are amazing. I do have one minor annoyance. When planning my observations I like to check with “Planning Tools” to verify that the target will reach an acceptable angle from the horizon. When I select “planning tools”, the box appears in the lower right corner of the screen with some info and operators off the screen. I do not seem a able to reposition the box. The necessary info is there and an “esc” closes the box but it would be nice to use it as intended. What should I change.

I run SGP on a Windows 10 laptop using Teamviewer on a MacBook Pro.

The location is probably not ideal. But you should be able to drag the “Target Settings” dialog around that the Planning Tools are attached to.


Indeed, just drag using the top of the Target Settings box. We need to do this on our remote system because of limited screen size.

Thank you both! I had been trying to move the planning tool. Relocating the target settings works just fine. Now the world is perfect!