Latest Beta Target settings window


So the Target settings window has changed, the right side has disappeared … which personally I don’t like,
I was very used to load up local files, solve or blind solve them and then take the coordinates …
I know one can achieve the same by opening the window and for a solve but it feels cumbersome and one will double check and open Target settings afterwards, so more work to achieve the same … so please bring it back …



Maybe a good compromise for those who like it and those who don’t, is to have a button on the settings window that restores the old version. This makes it very obvious that the entire right side is an optional feature. I also was confused about its function early on.

This addition on the right side could also include a new streamlined method of importing coordinates from AstroPlanner, etc.


I’m not a huge fan of hidden settings… I’d rather just have one workflow to support. There might be a small adjustment, but we did not actually remove any functionality by removing the right side of the settings box. While I have not actually dug through support requests to get real data, I feel like we have maybe had 3 people complain about the missing right side and I feel like we had way more confusion about target settings when those things existed… like mistaking them for the actual target location. We don’t have any of this misinterpretations to support with this new model in place.


Hi Ken, why then let people download images from the web to get coordinates and not local files, the suggestion made by jmacon makes sense in that if you let people use web files from that window, they should also be able to do it with local files …
And believe me there are more then 3 people missing it, they just don’t bother to complain on the forum …



Listen… writing software that pleases everyone is something that is simply not possible. Your deep insight about the knowledge and wants of our user base, while appreciated, can also be applied to the number of people that were confused by the interface… they also just didn’t say anything. If you want to use a local file to define location, open it, solve it and move it to the target… There might be one or two extra clicks involved, but this is not a big deal… and as already explained, we spent a good deal of time explaining to confused users that the right side of this window had nothing to do with the actual target settings and location. We welcome your opinion, but harping on the same points after we took time to give an explanation and then being condescending because we don’t agree will not result in any type of productive outcome.


but can you remove the inconsistency of the web link also, it really makes no sense to have that as well as it is a left over of the right side that does not makes sense and is confusing …



I never actually paid any attention to that link before, but now that it has been brought to my attention, I will be using it since I bookmark Astrobin images that I want to target. I would actually love to see the dialog expanded so that it would bring into the location fields the currently highlighted object in AstroPlanner. My common workflow is to manually type in the location that I have made note of in AstroPlanner. It would be awesome to just click that link then one more click and its done, 100% accurately. It could also include a third input for path to a local image, which it would then automatically plate solve and insert the result. That would be just amazing. You could just change the label to a simpler “Import Location”


Seems to me removing this link would be the equivalent of hidden settings and a different (and not readily documented) workflow. This is the most logical place to provide the user with guidance on how to populate the location, which after all is where you have to set the location. If you do not provide a link here, the user has no idea how to do this any other way than manually typing it in. My fault to not paying any attention to it. Maybe make it more prominent (no just kidding). Without having the link here, the only option for the user is to study the manual and figure out for himself what the workflow is to do this more elegantly, ie. a second workflow requiring reference to the manual. Giving access to it here is best for the user, logical, and a single workflow.

If you are concerned about “hidden settings” that are actually additional optional functionality that does not all fit on the parent screen, there are dozens of other buttons and links in the program that would be included in this category. Two on the Sequencer dialog itself.