LesveDome Switches


Hi! I’m in process of automating my ROR observatory. And while there’s a control for the Roof itself there’s none for the switches to turn on/off the equipment. I need to be able to operate them without resorting to running Lesvedome’s own software. Should be easy enough to implement.
Thanks, Ian


It would be easy to implement if there was as Ascom switch driver to control the relays, unfortunately Lesvedome is very limited so it’s not possible to do what you want without functionalty added to the Lesvedome software.

I don’t think SGP has a full support for Ascom switches either so it might be a good idea for the devs to add this, it shouldn’t be much work to add and it would help a lot with automating on/off from within SGP instead of having to rely on a script to turn power off.


Hi Ian,
have you talked to Pierre about this?



I just sent him an email. See if anything can be done for the switches.


I did the same a few years ago for my ROR. I bought a USB-controlled relay array and wrote a second ASCOM driver to control power. If you have done the ROR already, the switch one is even easier.