Litte Autofocus Issue

with the actual version i’m facing a problem with the autofocuser. Some images are calculated the HFR correctly. but then suddenly one (or more) image gets some auto histogram scaling (or some other issue that might look like scaling) and then the HFR is calculated on this scaled image, That leads (of course) to super huge values and destroys the “V” approximation.
I tested it with auto scale enabled / disabled. But that has no influence. I assumed that scaling is only dome for the screen and never on the raw internal image. Thats really strange…

I saw this behaviour since i installed SGP in January this year. Got also all updates since.

Any ideas?


Torsten - it is of no comfort but I have never seen this issue in any version. The screen stretch is just that and as far as I know, has no impact on measurements.
I think there is an option to save the AF image files. If you do that and then open them, do the files look similar. I just wonder if something else is going on and the actual files themselves are different for some reason (in the camera/driver).

Hi Buzz,
thank you. Ok, if the weather is getting better i will try to record the images too. There is a checkbox “save autofocus images” that should do the trick,

With different software (ASICAP, SharpCap, MaximDl) i have not seen these issues, so i think its not the driver… maybe…