Live Stacking Question - Considering purchasing SGP


Hi Everyone,

I’m new to this forum, so I wish all of you Clear Skies or at least, some good times processing under cloudy skies. :slight_smile:

I have been doing AP for a few years with a QHY8C and QHY8M in a permanent automated observatory that I built. But, my skies (Bortle 8) have always been with high LP. 3 years ago I felt of the AP wagon due to too much work and I stopped, so I’m feeling a bit rusty right now, however, I’m slowly building up a portable setup that I will take to dark skies. For this reason, I’m considering buying SGP. I’m a former MaximDL user.

A few years ago, I saw an advanced AP imager, taking single shots with his setup and he had some kind of software that will do live stacking of the images that he was capturing in real-time, so he could see the image taking shape in his screen. The more images he took the better the image look. He was not using video or anything like that, just straight long exposure single shot. I was captivated by the concept but I never got the name of the software and I’m wondering if someone knows how to do it. I think it would be kind of cool to see the image coming into live and at the same time, you can check for framing, etc. Obviously the image had a rough processing feel to it, it was not the final image, but it was exciting enough that which each shot, you could see more detail.

I do not know if SGP currently does that or it would be a feature request or SGP integrates with something, so if this topic, it’s in the wrong category, I apologize.

Anyway, if someone has an idea how to do it, please share.

Clear skies!



A few years ago … could have been Deep Sky Stacker (DSS) Live, Astrotoaster (uses DSS but with better interface) or Lodestar Live (now Starlight Live) if using SX camera?

There are now more options such as Sharpcap or software supplied with some cameras (ie. Atik Infinity).



Hi Dave,

Thanks for your reply. So, does Sharpcap integrates with SGP? Or would SGP take care of capturing dropping images in a folder and Sharpcap would do the live stacking? I can also research it if you don’t know…

Thanks for pointing me in this direction.



@mcbbcn - there is no integration as far as I know. And I’m not exactly sure how the Sharpcap stacking works (ie. if it can be pointing to any directory with image files, or if it only works on images captured itself).

However Astrotoaster can be pointed at any directory with image files. And it will recognize when new files are added, and update the stack accordingly.

I’m sure you can find out more with some documentation research. You might also find some of these stacking applications “in action”, on (live broadcasts).



Perfect. I will keep researching and exploring these options. I appreciate you sharing some additional options.