Live view Nikon D5200


Hi I am testing out Sequence Generator Pro and the main issue I am having is Live view is not working well with my Nikon D5200.

First of all I have to turn off “Auto stretch” then I have to click “Lock range” And move it manually to the left each time. The quality is also very poor very grainy and only the brightest of stars are visible but I would not be able to focus on them at all.

The other thing to note is in the Internal Nikon Camera settings there are 2 modes for Live view, one Manual and automatic. If it is on automatic the ISO setting does not work with SGP, this is probably normal but not sure which mode I should be using.

I am just having a hard time using the live view, it works but no where near as well as just using the LCD on the camera itself. Is anyone using live view on their Nikons?

One final tip is I am not sure if it’s due to SGP setting the shutter speed automatically to 1/4000 when it connects, I have a feeling it may be something to do with that as well.

Thank You.


We don’t have very good support for live view right now. It has not been at the top of our priority list. Feel free to make a feature request to improve this if you’d like.