Lost ability to connect SGP APIGuider


I have somehow lost the ability to connect to PHD2 via the Connecting to SGP Guide Camera using API Host: http://localhost:59590SGP APIGuider. I have gone through the help files, the APIGuider install instructions, but I cannot find the culprit. My last successful connect was 01-05-2016. I have updated SGP several versions since then, PHD@ to 2.6.1, ASCOM to 6.2. All of the connect messages look O.K. but when I hit “loop” in PHD2, an ASCOM error is returned.

Window 7 Home Premium, SGP, PHD2 2.6.1, ASCOM 6.2, SBIG STT8300M.

Any help is greatly appreciated: Connecting to SGP Guide Camera using API Host: http://localhost:59590

Log files:




Sorry about the link to the log files. I thought that was linking all of them.

Here are some more:




Double check the SBIG settings in SGP. Specifically make sure that the guide chip you want to be using is selected.

We changed a lot of things in the settings for 2.5 and if you’re using an old profile or sequence it might not be getting populated correctly.




That may have been it. When I selected the camera settings in a newly opened sequence with profile, the guide head was none. Selecting “remote guide head” saving and closing does not save the new camera settings. Using “Equipment Profile Manager” correctly saved the new camera settings.


37 N - 121 W