Low stretch function


I had another great night last night with sgpro…faultless, apart from perhaps one very minor issue.
I seem to have lost the automatic low stretch when a new sub comes in on beta 6…0.4.
The low stretch option is on but I have to use the button on the sequence panel every time.

Not a big issue but ether working correctly.
I see t was reported some time ago on beta




It may be related to data in a specific image. Do you still have an example of ones for which the low stretch did not work properly?


Hi Ken thank you for the reply…

I do have examples yes, how would you like me to present it?

I take the simple logic that if no one else is seeing the problem then it’s probably because either my system has applied the code in a different way or it’s something to do with my set up!

Whilst I fully accept that it maybe particular to the image; I feel it’s unlikely in this case because over the last 2 sessions I’ve taken over 60 subs each 20 mins long in a 4 pane project, it’s not opened any automatically.

I also accept that it’s beta and it may be fixed in the next release which I’ve not loaded yet…
I don’t worry about such minor changes but I let you know as just feed back.

Thanks for a superb product