LX600 WILL plate solve!


Finally! LX600 will plate solve using POTH and the LX200GPS driver. Use POTH as the telescope driver, then enter lx200gps as the telescope driver in POTH. You will still get the firmware error…find it and click ok. You will have full plate solve capability to include centering. And by using POTH instead of using the lx200gps driver directly you will also have a small window in POTH that allows for telescope nudge. NOTE: Make certain you set the movement amount in the window down to something small enough for nudge. It defaults to 30 Degrees, almost destroyed my camera before I could get it shut down. I use about 2-5 arcmin…works good.
DO NOT use “UNPARK” seems to hang and RA/DEC are screwy. Park works…park scope using handset, set park in SGP window and choose last good setting, disconnect scope and turn off scope. Next power up Park will be set.Also, set the number of tries in plate solve to something higher then 3…I set mine to 10 (I know thats high), it usually gets there in 3 or 4 except up near the Pole…Fork mounted scope on a wedge…not SGP fault. This SHOULD work on a LX850…I don’t have access to one to test. I would be interested to see if it would do the meridian flip!!! I am working with a programmer friend who wants to take a crack at changing the lx200gps code so it doesn’t give the firmware error. If any lx850 folks want to give it a try I’d be great full for the feed back.
One last Gotcha…you must turn off High Precision Pointing at each power up. It defaults to on, It wants to detour to a star on the way to the target, then once it reaches the target and plate solve wants to move the scope, that goto sends the scope back to looking for the align star again. I leave mine on for the first slew to a focus star, then disable HPP before running a sequence. Star lock takes care of itself so no changes need there.
Any questions or better solutions feel free to email!