M101 after 7 months hiatus


Finally a clear night last night after 7 months of cloudy and miserable weather. This is M101 taken from my heavy LP backyard. To see details, move your mouse pointer to bottom of screen and scroll down the texts. This was used with SGP and PHD2 v2.6.1dev8. The whole session was fully automated including auto focus, auto meridian flip with auto centering with Plate Solve2 without any intervention of my part. SGP worked flawlessly. This is a portable setup.

Thanks for looking



Excellent, Peter. You have not missed a beat in that 7 months.


Thanks Doug.



Ken or Jared,

If you are interested in my AF packs while M101 was imaged, I uploaded to:

This is my first time using new AF algorithm. This was taken with TEC 140 F/7 APO refractor.



Thanks. Any trouble with any of them?


No trouble. In fact it appeared to work even better than 7 months ago which was probably long before new AF was upgraded. All of the AF runs had pretty nice and consistent U/V curves as compared to 7 months ago. I thought you might want to look at them for analysis.