M13 Edge 9.25 Canon 6D

Hi everyone,

Here is a revision to my recent M13, with better noise reduction and colour balance. About 5.5 hours total exposure.


Nice image Dean. I am very happy to see you are getting great results with the 6D and the Edge. I have a similar setup with the 6D and the 11 inch Edge on a Mach1 mount. I am still fine tuning my process and figuring out my system (I have only had it a couple months), but hope to be able to start showing some results soon. Seeing your pictures gives me encouragement. Thanks.

Andrew J

Thanks Andrew! I somehow posted the link above to an earlier version. I just changed that, and now the link shows the latest version. I am reprocessing it yet again at the moment, and it will soon show more colour and detail in the core and less noise overall.

The Edge 11 is what I wish I had bought. Before I bought it, I was under the impression that an Optec focal reducer would work with the Edge 9.25, but that proved to not be true, so I am stuck imaging at f10. I may eventually sell the 9.25 for the Edge 11, but for now I am trying to make the best of it at f10.

You have a much better mount that I do, and you are going to love the setup that you have once it is dialed in. One thing I found is that collimation is very important with this combination. The 42mm image circle of the Edge just covers the 6D full frame sensor, and even a slight change in collimation is enough to give you slightly eggy stars in a corner. I have even seen collimation go from perfect round stars corner to corner, to slight eggs in one corner as the night progressed and the primary mirror shifted slightly as it tracked the target. I use auto focus and can’t lock the mirror.
The 6D is amazingly clean at high ISO. especially if it is below about 10C, but you do lose dynamic range and will likely need to do an HDR image with short subs to get it back. Pixinsight actually makes that very easy to do, and it has the bonus of giving you back star colours that are usually washed out. I usually image with the 6D and Edge at f10 and 3200 ISO. This M13 image was 3200 ISO.