M16 - Pillars of Creation in psuedo HST palette


This is M16 in bi colour taken using SGP over a month or so.

M: Mesu200
T: Orion Optics ODK10
C: QSI683 with Astrodon 3nm Ha and OIII filters

16x1800s OIII and 28x1800s Ha


Well done Sara! Always one of my favorite targets.

How do you like that scope? I had not heard of that company.



Thanks Jared.

The scope is fantastic! It’s from Orion Optics in the UK.


That’s really nice Sara. The pillars really pop! I also am interested in the scope as I’m starting to think about more focal length. Is this image taken with a flattener in place, or is the scope natively flat? Orion Optics does not seem to have a dealer in the US.


The scope is an Optimised Dall Kirkham and it has a corrector built in so there’s no messing about with flatteners. There’s no reducer for it, so it’s 1700mm at f6.8. It’s working really well and I’m pleased with it. I used an SCT and RC before hand and they were pretty decent too :slight_smile:


Very nice! One of my favorite objects as well!



Thanks Mike! Glad that you like it :slight_smile: