M51 from the northern suburbs of Paris


Hi everybody

another famous target captured with 2,5 hours luminance and 1,5 hour RVB, all in Bin 1X1.
1 hour of Ha has been added to enhance nebula in the arms.
The scope is still my T250 f/4 with Atik One on AZEQ6.

Hope you will enjoy !





Great job, and I appreciate your subtle coloring! That matches my taste.


A most pleasing M51 - Well done!!!


That is a lovely deep and delicate image, especially from such a short exposure run in a suburb.


Thank you all !

For the colours, I use Regim to equilibrate them.
For my sky condition, I measure a SQM-L of 19.5 at zenith, and a porr 18-18.5 in the southern direction, where lies the halo of the Roissy airport.