M57 in narrowband

Imaged 30 miles from London, rather than the Atacama desert. Not your usual M57, which is typically HaRGB. This is in HaSIIOIII. Both the Ha and OIII have extended nebulosity beyond the central core and the often seen red outer halos are due to just Ha being added to RGB. I found it almost identical in both Ha and OIII channels. Processing the different levels of intensity was … interesting!



Great image, interesting filtering. Thanks for sharing.

Maybe someday we will have clear nights here again :smile:

Great image Buzz. I had similar issues in getting the outer nebulosity to pop due to the “usual” ring being so bright.


yes, it’s one of those images that is most appreciated by those who have tried it for themselves. I’m trying a loose cluster at the moment. Nothing fancy, but boy, is it difficult to process, to obtain tight stars of all magnitudes with ample color.

Wonderful image Bob.