M91 Barred Spiral


Messier 91 is a barred spiral galaxy that is also classified as an “anemic” galaxy, because it has relatively low star formation and gas content. I can attest to just how “anemic” this galaxy is!

This is over 17hrs total exposure with my CFF250RC and QHY163M. This image was a bit of an experiment with short, 1min exposures, and at a ridiculous image scale of 0.39 arcs/px. I think I’m going to stick to an image scale above 0.5" from now on.


Sounds like a lot of work - but worth the effort. :+1:


It’s really cute! I have just dusted off my GSO 250RC and I am tuning the collimation. Looks like you have got yours nailed. I imaged this several years ago, one of my first ever, at the same time a SN showed up.