Main Sequence compatibility


Dear Mainsequence,

We have to ask you some question before buying the Pro version:

  1. I have Apogee Alta camera (U16 and F9) with its filterwheels. I would like to know if those cameras are fully supported by the software.
  2. I have an FS2 controller with a Losmandy G11 mount. I would like to know if it is possible to drive the FS2 and if I can park and unpark the mount and obviously switch-off the motors when parked.
  3. I have an AP-1200 GTO- CP3 mount. I would like to know if it is fully supported by the software.
  4. Is the MaxIm DL guiding function supported as guider?
  5. I have the Lunatico Seletek Platypus and FireFly to drive the Cloud sensor and a roll-off roof dome. Are they fully compatible with the software?

Thanks for help,

Best Regards,

Leonardo Priami


Most of these devices will be supported by their ASCOM driver through SGP. I would recommend starting a trial of SGP and verifying that everything works to your liking as we don’t have all of this hardware to test with and cannot validate the ASCOM drivers.

As for guiding we recommend PHD2. MaximDL is not supported as a guider.