Mallincam AG1.2C can't download images when in RGB mode


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Hi I have been trying to get SGPRO working with little success with my Mallincam AG1.2c, If I set it to RAW then it will complete the sequence but if it’s set to RGB it fails, any help would be appreciated.



This sounds like it may be an issue with your ASCOM driver. Have you mentioned that error to Mallincam? Not trying to shift or even point blame here… it’s just that SGPro has a very mature ASCOM camera handler at this point which works well with every other known ASCOM camera.

Most notably it is odd for an ASCOM driver to transfer CCD data as a set of signed integers.


What I think may be happening is that the driver is returning the RGB CCD Data as three separate planes, for R, G and B.

[12/5/2016 12:23:29 PM] [DEBUG] [Camera Thread] ASCOM Camera Error : Unable to cast object of type ‘System.Int32[,]’ to type ‘System.UInt32[,]’.
at qk.h6(ov A_0, qu& A_1)

Not sure if the cast from Int32 to Uint32 will fail but from [,] to [,] definitely will.
Providing RGB data in this form is allowed in the ASCOM specification.

I guess that Raw will provide a single plane with the raw data, it will then need debayering as part of the processing.


Great catch @Chris. I didn’t notice that there was another dimension there. We might consider adding support for this at some time, but it’s not necessarily trivial.


Thanks for the help guys I will keep trying and get in touch with Mallincam to find out if this may be the problem and is there anything they can do.



As @Chris mentioned, this is perfectly legal in the ASCOM world, it’s just not something we have seen with any other camera implementation and, as such, we were not expecting it. Just FYI because technically there is nothing for Mallincam to fix… but if they were so inclined, they might optionally return a 2 dimensional 16-bit array with the Bayer matrix intact. This model would snap right into SGPro with no additional work necessary.


This option may already be there as the Raw option.


Thanks for the information, it could be how I am using SGPRO as I have only just started to investigate it but when set to raw the camera will work but only seems to handle Mono, is there some way to have the software convert from mono to color that I am missing ?



If you zoom into the downloaded raw images do you see a grid pattern on the image? If so then the raw file is the raw data from the camera and is showing the Bayer colour filter pattern. An image processing application should be able to debayer that, converting to Red, Green and Blue frames or a colour image.

It may be preferable to take the raw image and apply the calibration data - Darks, Flats and maybe bias - on the raw data before converting to colour.



Thanks Chris, I will give it a try and see how it goes