Manual Flat Box Message Came Up


I was doing a little imaging tonight but because of the moon as well as clouds moving in I decided to call it a night and end the sequence. When I selected run sequence end the telescope parked and everything began disconnecting as program but during the process I receive a Flat Box dialog box asking me to either place or remove the flat box, I can’t remember which it was. I clicked the OK and everything shutdown as expected. I’m using SGPro Version Attached is the link to the log file.

Additionally I also, had an issue with the Focuser temperature. For some reason, SGPro would not display the Focuser temperature in the Focus Control pane. I also attached a screen shot of this for your review. As you can see in the TCF-S commander window the temperature is being display but in the Focus Control pane the temperature is N/A.



Not sure about this one… looks like early on we encountered an issue asking for temperature from your focuser. When this happens, we override the focuser’s properties indicating that it has a temperature to indicate that we should no longer ask for it. I put some more logging in so we can check out exactly what the error message is reporting.

@Jared will likely take a look at the flatbox issue you reported.


I actually don’t see anything about asking to place/remote the flatbox in the log. Maybe a different log?



Hi Ken, Jared

Thanks for the quick response.

Maybe the Flat Box message has something to do with the Flats Calibration Wizard. I ran the Flats Calibration Wizard prior to beginning the imaging secession, (I built a new flats box and needed to rerun the wizard), but I don’t recall if it asked me to remove the Flat Box after completing the calibration.

BTW - We are going into several days of bad weather, lots of rain. might be several days before I’m able to run SGPro again.



The Flats Calibration Wizard was likely what caused the message. I can’t completely recall when it happens but the manual flatbox as likely in a “Closed” position meaning it thought it was on the scope. Then, either when the sequence started or the wizard completed, we asked you to remove the flat box. I don’t see this in the logs so I’m guessing maybe this happened prior to this sequence being executed.