Manual Focusing with Automated System


I’m currently using a scope with only manual focus. Otherwise my guiding, filters,plate solve, etc are all automated. Any suggestions on a clean way to temporarily exit the sequence, go to the focus star (for manual re-focus), and then back to the sequence for integration? I’ve tried my route and it isn’t very pretty.
Thanks for your help.


Take a look at the focus pos and target bookmarks:


Thanks Ken,
and apologies for my too brief opening post. Hopefully I’m just a little off on my technique.
I pause my sequence and select the focus position in Focus Markers. The scope slews to the focus star, but PHD2 was not aware this was going to happen. Need to “stop” guiding first.
Once re-focused, I select center now in Target Settings. This brings me back to the target (plate solves). At that point i must resume sequence. But PHD remains problematic. After a couple of tries, I was not able to re-integrate the guiding.
I know I’m just missing the better way.


I don’t think you are. We don’t really design too deeply with this type of workflow in mind. The best thing I can think of is to mark your focus area with the bookmark. Pause the sequence, slew to it. Then when done right click on the target and click “Center on target”. This will get you back on target within your tolerance. Then click run sequence… your guider should restart automatically.


A little awkward, but it does work. I now have the steps written down so I follow them in the right order.
The solution was to stop PHD before slewing to the focus star, and then start it again after the Center Now was complete. I suspect the center on target would do the same thing as the center now.
With my limited testing, PHD would not restart by itself.
Thanks for responding back.