Manual pier flip


Hi group, what is the easiest way to performance! A manual meridian flip in SGPro?
I use eqmod with an eq8, can see the automate flip tick box in my profile set up tab but as described in the PDF help file, I cannot see the manual flip now button!!
I dont really want to use the auto flip option because I don’t feel that it gives me accurate control over the timing…I.e. If I set it up to flip some degree after the meridian…it could be waiting for 25 mins if i am running 30 min sub’s because it will not start a 30 min sub if my position is 25 mins away.
Have I understood this correctly??



Quick update, I now see the manual run button (greyed out).



It will continue to image the remaining 25 of 30 minutes. Imaging time has precedence over degrees past Meridian. For example, if you started a 30 minute sub exposure at 5 minutes before Meridian, it will continue to image remaining 25 minutes past the Meridian. When 30 minute sub is completed, then auto Meridian Flip should happen. I hope I understood your question.



Thank you Peter, forgive me but I still dont feel sure that I understand what will happen if:
During a normal imaging run, I have crossed the meridian and I’m approaching my flip point setting…say 1 hour past!!

Will SGPro start an exposure 15 mins before the flip point and then run 15 mins over…or…wait for 15 mins then flip without starting the exposure?

In other words; will I effectively lose 15 mins???

I do hope this is a clearer way of asking the question!



Reading your reply again Peter, it appears that in fact; you have indeed answered my question.
Your mail suggests that in your example, I would have set the flip to occur at the meridian!
If I have now understood it correctly then no time is lost!

Regards Ray


It depends on how you have it set up. Mine is set to wait because my mount is very meridian sensitive. But, he’s right if you don’t have ‘wait for flip’ checked.



If your mount can go 25 minutes past the Meridian without the scope colliding with the pier then you are safe. But if you are not sure, I would do what mads0100 said.

You can test it indoors by changing the Declination and swing RA axis past the Meridian and see how close the scope is with the pier. The higher the Declination the sooner the scope can collide with the pier.



Cheers all, I have a grip on it now!



You can do pier flips during the day too. I always test it now that way.