Manual Rotator


I set a target with the framing plug in and then went to use the manual rotate ( right click on target )

This then gave me a result to turn clockwise – the problem is that this was the wrong way ???

Anybody seen this



Hm. Not sure entirely. I suppose it’s possible that the byte array on your camera (or mirrored scope?) has “flipped” the image so that any rotation correction we give would be backward. We can see about adding an option to allow for user reversal of this.



Would the log file help !



The log along with the image that you were attempting to rotate at would be helpful.

Also SGP will use the shortest path between the angle specified and 180 degrees from it. So for example if your rotator is currently at 10 degrees and the request is to rotate to 180 degrees, SGP will instruct you to rotate to 0 degrees rather than 180.




Will get the log tomorrow , but I was only tring to move the camera by 30 deg , so its not the problem you suggest , I was using a RASA ( celestron ) if this helps




Are, you by chance, using an older sequence file when you see this behavior? Or is it pretty new (created within the 2.4 beta)? Can you post it (don’t care about the logs too much)?


Hi I was using the 2.4 beta version 13 I think and created the target / sequence within there !!

You want me to “post what”



Harry, Please use the new option to force reversal of this (found in the CP / Other tab). In the future we will try and auto detect this.



Thanks for that , will try ASAP