Melotte 15 from the fall


To help cool you down in the heat of summer, for those in the northern hemisphere. I processed this most of the way by December, then like most of my images, agonized over it the next few months. This is 31 hours of tricolor narrowband, with a CPC1100 and SXVR-H694. Full details are below the image.

Melotte 15 by The Hole in the Trees Skybox

I also made a more blue version, where I pushed the SCNR a bit more aggressively. Tell me which version you like better:

Mel15TestFinalwithSCNR.jpg by The Hole in the Trees Skybox

PS - fixed the links. Thanks Peter!



I think there is something wrong with your links.



Very nice! I think I prefer the 2nd but they’re both great! The 2nd seems to have a little more definition to me but not substantially so.

Great work!



Wow! very detailed, great work. I also prefer the one with less green.



Both look very nice. I like the second one better. I am glad you are getting the hang of processing with PixInsight. It’s an awesome processing software.



Thanks for the comments, Jared, Mike and Peter. It sounds like the more blue version is the people’s choice. I’ll keep that in mind while I work on my next tricolor, a chunk of the Eastern Veil.



Very nice indeed. There is a wonderful delicacy to them.
One trick, if you have some standard RGB images optimized for star color, you can substitute the star color with PixelMath and a star mask back into the main image.