Melotte15 in narrowband


First image run of the season after an interminable summer.

Melotte 15

T: 190mm Maksutov Newtonian
C: Atik 460EX
F: Baader Ha, SII, R, G, B. Astrodon OIII
M: NEQ6Pro (belt driven)
G: SX Lodestar + SX OAG
Capture: Sequence Generator Pro
Process: PI & CC2015
30 x 600s each Ha, OIII & SII
30 x 30s each RGB (Star colour only)
Stacked SII, Ha, OIII (plus RGB stars)
Imaged over 7 sessions.


Super processing…great detail coming through on that one. Like it!


Wow that’s cool. Nice job! :scream::slight_smile:


Mick, that is awesome. Your images always have that spooky quality to them. Great work.