Merdian flip failed - sync image opening hang


My all night imaging sessions have been failing and in each case I find the OTA never flipped. Last night at 3am with the mount just past the meridian, I tried to manually flip the mount from the telescope control box. It flipped, the “center” process pop-up started, took an image, then the computer sat in “opening preview image” for 3-5 minutes it usually takes 5-10 seconds to download a syn/center image) before I tried to abort it, which resulted in a full crash. For some reason, SGP has recently not able to get my G11 mount to flip. I had it working fine a month, and several SGP versions, ago. Any suggestions on what might be going wrong?

The last half of last nights log file is attached.


Half_sg_logfile_20160713203742.txt (922.8 KB)