Meridian flip advise for difficult to plate solve target


So I started working on target IC 4603. Very dusty reflection nebula. So dusty in fact that I couldn’t get a successful plate solve, I think because only two or 3 stars were showing in the FOV. I tried doubling my usual exposure time but no luck, both with PinPoint and blind failover (which both normally work with this setup).

I solved the problem by going to the nearest target in Stellarium, solving and syncing that, and then just slewed back to IC 4603 and started my sequence.

I assumed that the meridian flip would fail, but went to bed anyway, and sure enough it failed because it couldn’t plate solve.

Any suggestions for this situation (besides staying up for a manual meridian flip)?

I’m guessing that my post flip goto would be way off, without plate solving, or could I help it by doing some preemptive solves and syncs on that side of the meridian before sequence start?

This is Stellarium --> StellariumScope --> EQMod --> SGP.

EQMOD is set for “dialog based”, if that makes a difference.


Can you do a pointing model and do not use centering after the meridian flip and trust the mount to flip OK?


Not sure how to do that with EQMOD but will look into it. Thanks.

Also, what setting would I change in SGP to not platesolve on meridian flip?


If I recall, in the telescope tab, under meridian flip, disable the center command.