Meridian Flip - Celestron CGX Mount

Last night while taking subs of the Tulip Nebula aroung 10:35pm when it was at the top of the meridian, SGPro stopped and suddenly there was a lot of beeping and stuck which I had to break by killing the SGPro task. I have been trying to get a automatic merdian flip without any success. Previously it used to say “ASCOM Telescope: Failed to flip because starting pier side and ending pier side are the same!”, and yesterday I see in the logs “Meridian Flip not needed, Hour Angle < Degrees Past To Flip: -17.757297
The telescope reached the West side of the pier end and could not go further , which I believe is when the automatic meridian flip should happen but it didn’t.
Here are my settings
What am I doing wrong ?

Telescope: 1100 Edge HD + CGX mount
Driver: CPWI software & Driver … not the opensource Celestron driver.
Focal length : 1960mm
Camera: QHY183M
OAG Guide Camera: QHY5LIII

sg_logfile_20190811204457.txt (721.5 KB)



Are you aligning your scope correctly? The hour angle reported at -17 degrees is over an hour before the meridian so no need for a flip but if you didn’t start with the mount in the correct alignment then maybe there’s a problem.

As It’s CPWI you might want to report this on TeamCelestron. They will need logs from CPWI. (141.7 KB)
PHD2_GuideLog_2019-08-15_202447.txt (345.3 KB)
SGPro stops while the scope is on the west side of the pier suddenly and PHD2 also starts beeping around 10:02PM. After this neither PHD2 nor SGPro could start the sequence

  1. PHD2 recalibration did not help either.
  2. SGPro Centering and Framing before sequence succeeded but PHD2 did not cooperate.
    Not sure what went wrong. Merdian Flip did not happen as the Telescope was pointing to the meridian and could go another 10 degrees before final stop on the west side of the pier.