Mesu/sitech users - methodology question


Hi all,

Just wondering what other users of these mounts/controllers do in terms of running purely with SGP and platesolve as I do, vs running with a pxp model. SGP requires 2 times at most to center a target within 10px (usually far less). Is there any benefit beyond greater goto accuracy?



I run a mesu 200 and sitech ii controller with SGP, platesolve 2, phd2 and a C11 scope. I have never found the need for a pxp model for my photographic work, but pxp obviously has its benefits too.

I initialise each night by pointing the scope roughly at a known object and platesolve, usually within 30 seconds or so. It rarely goes to my ansvr failover. I then set up the SGP sequence and ‘centre on’ when sequence starts. It works reliably on automated runs.

My imaging nights are very few now due to rain and cloud.
If you decide to go pxp I would be interested to know if it is seamless over long periods where no activity takes place due to poor weather.
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Due to the slip inherent in this friction drive system, I was never able to build a healthy model and I gave up. Besides, I don’t feel the need at all… plate solve and phd2 take care of everything.


Ah, sounds like you guys run the way I do. Thanks for confirming. If it ain’t broke… :sunglasses: