Method for determining filter offsets



Thanks for the ideas… pretty great implementation.

Moving to feature requests.


Great idea and I was thinking of doing something similar in Python, namely, reading the FITS Focus absolute data field and graphing that versus temperature since I need to get all my offsets for my filters - I am relatively new to SGP (and confess I am still a little confused as to when the auto focus routine runs versus just applying the offset. I will be able to work it out in three years when we next get a clear night :flushed: )
Is SGP written in Visual C++ or Ruby??? Should be quite easy to code that procedure @Ken @Jared ?


silly question, if I run an automatic series of focuses to compare different filters where do I find the .fits headers for each focus?


was a silly question and have found the answer by looking!!!


Great effort! I have downloaded and tried to run the files but stuck at the FITSio step… do you have a link for that ? All I could find is CRAN - Package FITSio - CRAN-R… is that the correct library ? and how do we install the libraries… Guess I need to learn R to have at least a basic understanding of things :frowning:


OK, I managed to install FITSio…now struglling to read the files with your script…


I’m happy to help you debug if you like. I’ve tried to include comments and use easy-to-understand variable names. Also tried to be as general as I could, but inevitably some of the code is specific to my situation.

Please feel free to email me for help getting this to work.