MGEN.APP destroys SGP Window

For the Guider MGEN-3 there is an App which implements the Guider into SGP. So all features can be controlled directly through SGP. The app will be bound between the MGEN and the ASI-Camera so when SGP with a sequence will be started the MGEN-3 will also be displayed.
Unfortunately will the window of SGP reduced by about 40% and the Menus are quite unvisible.
With Sharpcap the MGEN works without problems.
The developer site is
Do you have any hints what i can do? I have tested with different scren resolutions in Win10 but nothing help. I use the recent version
Thanks for help.

This is the Screen before connecting to MGEN
And here after starting MGEN, SGP is much smaller

The problem is solved. I have changed the DPI-Settings for SGP Program - Compatibilty - Overwrite High DPI Scale - to System (i hope the translation is correct, because i have a german windows).
My System is a Laptop Dell XP 15 9570 with a display of 3840x2180, so i have scaled to 150% for better visibility.