Millisecond timestamp in filenames - request


Hi Ken, Jared and Joel, [repeated due to m posting incorrectly under the general topic]

I’m currently involved in a pro/am programme whereby it would be most helpful if I could include in the filename a timestamp that includes milliseconds, e.g. YYYYMMDDHHMMSS.SSS or something similar? This I would see as an additional option to the existing drop-down list from which Users can choose the construct of the filename they wish to employ.

I should add that the source of the timestamp should be the time the camera was triggered to open the shutter for each exposure. At present I synchronise my system time every few minutes from a recognised SNTP server. I appreciate that due to the background scheduling of task being managed by the PC into SGPro that inconsistencies would remain but this facility would enable me to take better account of the delays involved.



We can probably add this token in our next release. I don’t have a date when that will be though.



Hi Jared,

Thanks for taking a look at my request, which will be really helpful for myself and others in my Society, and perhaps to the wider SGPro community.

Looking forward to your next release.