Minimum computer requirements for SGP and TheSkyX Pro?



This is my first post, and I’m trying to figure out the minimum computer hardware requirements to run SGP along with TheSkyX Pro for my Paramount MyT. I’ve been looking at the Kangaroo mini PC (quad-core Intel Atom, 2GB RAM, very small form factor), as well as refurbished laptops. I’m trying to find the SGP system requirements, and ascertain if they are additive with the TSX reqs. If they are, then the Kangaroo might not be enough. While I don’t want to cheap out, I also don’t want to spend a lot on a computer that will be sitting outside, and will be only used to run the imaging rig/mount/guider via SGP. The “Does SGPro work with your OS?” entry only mentions the length of time SGP will work with the various flavors of Windows, not the system requirements. My sincerest apologies if I have missed something on the main site.

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I can’t difinitively answer your question, but SGP’s system requirements
are pretty low. I sometimes use a miniPC (win10, 2GB ram, ATOM processor)
with SGP, Stellarium, PHD2 etc including local plate solving with and Platesolve2. My guess is you’ll be fine but I don’t
know how processor and RAM hungry TSXPro is.


Hi Joel, TheSkyX, SGP, PHD, local astrometry server works fine on an Atom miniPC with 2GB of RAM. I use it to run my PMX+





That’s good news. It sounds like the Kangaroo might work then.



OK - I’ll bite. What is a Kangaroo? and is it small enough to come with its own pouch?


suspect this