Minor feature request - select multiple files for "Open Image"


As I have been testing the new beta releases with the AF upgrades, I have been trying out the new star selection algorithms on older focus packs when I didn’t have clear skies. One minor annoyance with trying to do this is that SGP apparently allows you to open one image at a time. I.e., if you go to open an image and the file browser comes up, you can’t use Shift or Ctrl to select multiple images to open like most Windows apps allow. Instead, I had to open each image separately. It is only a minor inconvenience that I had never noticed before since I have never had the need to select more than one file to open, and I fully appreciate that you have many other far more important things to work on. However, if it is a simple fix, it would be welcome.




You should be able to drag and drop multiple images into SGP at once.

We’ll leave this request open as it’s, effectively, 2 different things. But that should help speed things up.



Thanks, Jared. I’ll give it a try.



Excellent! That works.


The drag and drop does work really well. Just tried it myself. Makes the earlier reported problem of each image load spawning a new copy of SGP mostly a non-issue.


Cool! I was looking for this myself, however it would be neat to get the images to open with the in a single tab with the < and > arrow as I like to blink through them sometimes.

On another note it seems blinking through, these images is slower than what I rememeber.