Mismatch SGP and AP mount DEC & RA

Hi Group
Looking for some guidance. Any help would be appreciated.

  1. I only run the scope/mount through the SGP using a AP 1100gto with APCC ASCOM.
  2. Th mount is point towards polarise with Az 00 00 deg, Alt 36 32 and RA 18:34 and DEC 89 59.

In APCC and APV2 all the co-ordinations agrees but in SGP current RA is at 23 51hrs and DEC at 89 53 deg.

I do have polar alignment completed and calibrated last night, however the position in SGP does not equal that of AP V2. See below screen shot

SGP connects directly to APV2 so in theory both DEC and RA should be the same.


@carlosgib I am not familiar enough with APs software to know, but it seems like the difference between J2000 display (SGPro) and JNow (Maybe AP?).

Carlos, I have the similar issue. The RA seems about 5hr difference . Can someone confirm ok? Is the Jnow that far off?