Modify "Planning Tools" for enhanced scheduling capability


Hi Ken and Jerod,

The Planning Tools capability currently will lock the altitude and vary the target start/stop times from night to night. With a fairly minor modification (I think) the capability could be extended to take into account dusk and dawn times so that a sequence of targets could be set up to image night after night without having to adjust the start or stop times based upon dusk and dawn for each day. The sequence could just be loaded into SGP and run each night.

In the following discussion, it is assumed that the dusk and dawn parameters are half way between civil and nautical twilight and represent the time at which useful imaging begins and ends.

I envision that a locked altitude could be chosen along with a “dusk” parameter such that SGP would start the target either at the scheduled time corresponding to the altitude or, if that time is prior to the dusk-time, start the target at the time of dusk. Similarly, the target end time would be either the scheduled time corresponding to the locked altitude or, if that time is later than the dawn-time, stop the target at the time of dawn. If the dusk/dawn parameters are not set, then operation would revert to the way it works now.

This would require input of the two additional dusk/dawn parameters by the user. Informational messages could be provided to indicate what is happening if dusk or dawn affects the capturing block.

I think the additional automation would be quite useful, at least for me.

Thanks for a great product and
Best Regards,