Moonlite DRO Driver


I tried to connect to my Moonlite DRO Focuser via SGP 2.4 beta 10. There are three options for the Moonlite focuser: Moonlite DRO driver, Moonlite Focuser and Moonlite None of these option would allow me to connect. Do I need a “driver” to connect to the DRO?
Windows 7, SGP beta 10

37 N - 121 W


The Moonlite DRO is the current driver, it’s the only ASCOM driver currently available. All the others are history. The DRO driver also supports the Moonlite rotator.




Thanks! I installed the DRO driver and reinstalled ASCOM Platform 6. It connects now. I will experiment with the settings some to try and get auto focus to work.

37 N - 121 W